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CIVIL CODE IV (OBLIGATION AND CONTRACTS) by Edgardo Paras; This book covers the numerous new cases decided by the Supreme Court in the matter of Obligations and Contracts. While many of these decisions merely reiterate existing jurisprudence, there are some, nonetheless, which illustrate comparatively new concepts. Obviously, with the dawning of the 21st century, there is much judicial progress in this highly-important field of law; principally the advent of electronic contracts vis-à-vis e-Commerce, and the spawning of derivatives (new exotic financial instruments based on hedging) –– a new phenomenon in contracts law. Table of Contents Title V - Prescription BOOK IV: Obligations and Contracts Title I - Obligations Title II - Contracts Title III - Natural Obligations (new, except Article 1427) Title IV - Estoppel Title V - Trusts
COMMENTS & CASES OBLIGATION AND CONTRACTS by Hector S. de Leon, Hector M. de Leon, Jr.