Petition for Certification Election & Procedure after Filing

“Certification election" is the process of determining, through secret ballot, the sole and exclusive representative of the employees in an appropriate bargaining unit, for purposes of collective bargaining or negotiation. [Sec. 1(h), Rule I, Book V] A petition for certification election may be filed by (1) a legitimate labor organization; (2) a local/chapter that has been issued a charter certificate; (3) a national union or federation in behalf of its local/chapter (has issued a charter certificate to its local/chapter); or (4) an employer (when requested to bargain collectively and no existing CBA)
[1] Raffling of case to mediator-arbiter
[2] Preliminary Conference and hearing
[3] Conduct of hearings
[4] Determine if petition should be dismissed on grounds stated in Section 14
[5] Order/Decision on the petition
[6] Appealing the order/decision on the petition
[7] Raffling of the case to an Election Officer
[8] Pre-Election Conference
[9] Conduct of election
[10] Challenging of votes and on the spot questions
[11] Protesting
[12] Canvassing of votes
[13] Nullification of Election Results
[14] Proclamation and Certification of the result of the election
[15] Appeal from Certification Election Orders