Policy against Fragmentation of a Bargaining Unit

It bears noting that the goal of the DOLE is geared towards "a single employer wide unit which is more to the broader and greater benefit of the employees working force." The philosophy is to avoid fragmentation of the bargaining unit so as to strengthen the employees’ bargaining power with the management. To veer away from such goal would be contrary, inimical and repugnant to the objectives of a strong and dynamic unionism. (Phil. Diamond Hotel and Resort Inc v Manila Diamond Hotel and Employees Union; GR No. 158075)
On respondent’s contention that it was bargaining in behalf only of its members, the appellate court, affirming the NLRC’s observation that the same would only "fragment the employees" of petitioner, held that "what [respondent] will be achieving is to divide the employees, more particularly, the rank-and-file employees of [petitioner] . . . the other workers who are not members are at a serious disadvantage, because if the same shall be allowed, employees who are non-union members will be economically impaired and will not be able to negotiate their terms and conditions of work, thus defeating the very essence and reason of collective bargaining, which is an effective safeguard against the evil schemes of employers in terms and conditions of work."