Plain Justice & Due Process

Lastly, the allowance of the motion (for bill of particulars) for a more definite statement rests with the sound discretion of the court. As usual in matters of a discretionary nature, the ruling of the trial court will not be reversed unless there has been a palpable abuse of discretion or a clearly erroneous order. This Court has been liberal in giving the lower courts the widest latitude of discretion in setting aside default orders justified under the right to due process principle. Plain justice demands and the law requires no less that defendants must know what the complaint against them is all about.
What is important is that this case against the Marcoses and their alleged crony and dummy be decided by the anti-graft court on the merits, not merely on some procedural faux pas. In the interest of justice, we need to dispel the impression in the individual respondents minds that they are being railroaded out of their rights and properties without due process of law. (G.R. No. 148154; December 17, 2007)