14 working conditions that all employees are entitled to under the Labor Code


The Labor Code provides for regulations on working conditions. They are as follow:

Article 83 - Normal hours of work;
Article 84 - Hours worked;
Article 85 - Meal periods;
Article 86 - Night shift differential;
Article 87 - Overtime work;
Article 88 - Undertime not offset by overtime;
Article 89 - Emergency overtime work;
Article 90 - Computation of additional compensation;
Article 91 - Right to weekly rest period;
Article 92 - When employer may require work on a rest day;
Article 93 - Compensation for rest day, Sunday or holiday work;
Article 94 - Right to holiday pay;
Article 95 - Right to service incentive leave; and
Article 96 - Service charges.

Employees in all establishments, whether operated for profit or not, are covered by the law on labor standards.


The following are excluded from the coverage of the law on labor standards:
  1. Government employees;
  2. Managerial employees;
  3. Other officers or members of a managerial staff;
  4. Domestic servants and persons in the personal service of another;
  5. Workers paid by results;
  6. Non-agricultural field personnel; and
  7. Members of the family of the employer.