5 Steps in Executing Judgments for Specific Acts

What are the steps in executing a judgment for specific acts? (Rule 39, Sec. 10)

[1] Conveyance,delivery of deeds, or other specific acts vesting title. If a party fails to comply with the time specified, the court may direct the act to be done at the cost of the disobedient party.
[2] Sale of personal or real property. The officer shall sell such property, describing it, and apply the proceeds in conformity with the judgment.
[3] Delivery or restitution of real properties. The officer shall demand the losing party to peaceably vacate the property within three working days, and restore possession to the judgment oblige; otherwise the officer shall oust such disobedient party.
[4] Removal of improvements on property subject of execution. The officer shall not destroy, demolish or remove improvements except upon special order of the court.
[5] Delivery of personal property. The officer shall take possession of the same and forthwith deliver it to the party entitled to satisfy any judgment for money as therein provided

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