Employable age in the Philippines

Children below fifteen (15) years of age may be allowed to work under the direct responsibility of their parents or guardians in any nonhazardous undertaking where the work will not in any way interfere with their schooling. In such cases, the children shall not be considered as employees of the employer or their parents or guardians.

Any person of either sex, between 15 and 18 years of age, may be employed in any nonhazardous work. No employer shall discriminate against such person in regard to terms and conditions of employment on account of his age.

A nonhazardous work or undertaking shall mean any work or activity in which the employee is not exposed to any risk which constitutes an imminent danger to his safety and health. The Secretary of Labor shall from time to time publish a list of hazardous work and activities in which persons 18 years of age and below cannot be employed. (Sections 2-3, Rule XII of the Implementing Rules of Book III of the Labor Code of the Philippines)