Law was made for evil men

"Ignorantia legis non excusat," meaning "ignorance of the law excuses no one." Paras (2008), in his book Civil Code Volume I (Persons and Family Relations), said the following:
It would seem that this maxim is a bit unfair today. Before the compliance is required, there must be due promulgation of the law; now then, the present method of promulgation — publication in the Official Gazette — is clearly inadequate.

Firstly, the Official Gazette generally comes out several years late; secondly, how many of our citizens can get hold of a copy thereof, much less, read the same? Moreover, in a very real sense, law was made for evil men. The good hardly need law when they do good acts, this is not because they are deliberately complying with the law, but because they are simply good men.

Upon the other hand, without the maxim, the corrupt will make social existence unbearable, abuses will increase, and ignorance will be rewarded.