Civil servant personnel movement

The CSC enumerates in Section 1, Rule VII of the Omnibus Rules the personnel actions of (1) original appointment; (2) appointment through certification; (3) promotion; (4) transfer; (5) reinstatement; (6) reemployment; (7) detail; (8) secondment; (9) demotion; and (10) separation. It may be noted that items (1), (8), and (9) are not included in the enumeration of personnel actions in Book V, Title I A, Chapter 5, Sec. 26 of the Administrative Code of 1987.CSC Memorandum Circular No. 02-05, issued pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 041458 dated December 23, 2004, defines reassignment as the “movement of an employee across the organizational structure within the same department or agency, which does not involve a reduction in rank, status or salary.” It also provides that “personnel movements involving transfer or detail should not be confused with reassignment since they are governed by separate rules.” The reassignment of employees “with station-specific place of work indicated in their respective appointments shall be allowed only for a maximum period of one (1) year. An appointment is considered station-specific when the particular office or station where the position is located is specifically indicated on the face of the appointment paper. Station-specific appointment does not refer to a specified plantilla item number since it is used for purposes of identifying the particular position to be filled or occupied by the employee.” However, if the appointment is not station-specific, the one-year maximum period shall not apply. Thus, reassignment of employees whose appointments do not specifically indicate the particular office or place of work has no definite period unless otherwise revoked or recalled by the Head of Agency, the CSC, or a competent court.