Return, payment of withheld taxes

Pres. Decree No. 1158 (1977), sec. 74, as amended, provides:
Section 74. Return and payment to the Government of taxes withheld. — Taxes deducted and withheld hereunder by the employer on wages of employees shall be covered by a return and paid to the collection agent of the city or municipality in which the employer has his legal residence or principal place of business, or, in case the employer is a corporation, in which the principal office is located. The return shall be filed and the payment made within twenty-five days from the close of each calendar quarter. The taxes deducted and withheld by employers shall be held in a special fund in trust for the Government until the same are paid to the said collecting officers. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue may, with the approval of the Secretary of Finance, require employers to pay or deposit the taxes deducted and withheld at more frequent intervals, in cases where such requirement is deemed necessary to protect the interest of the Government. (As renumbered by Pres. Decree No. 1994 and Exec. Order No. 273).